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Many people who are looking into swim lessons, water fitness, personal training and or rehab are also interested in Nutrition. In this section we will add tips, articles and videos that address all the above.

If you are interested in losing weight we recommend you start logging you food and exercise on Another good site, though we need to warn you - they send copious amounts of emails to you is spark

If you are looking for help managing your weight we personally recommend Dr. Lisa DeRossimo, who has help me lose weight and several others in my various classes. To learn more about her please visit her website -

It is advised for those who train or want to lose weight to eat more protein. Here is a list of some good sources of protein to help you make wiser choices.

There was an excellent piece on Sugar vs. Artifical Sweetners in a recent "You Docs" column. Please read Sugar Debate.

What is the best depth of water to work in? Answer

In addition to tips we will share inspirational stories that will encourage you to keep moving in the right direction. Such as this story about a courageous woman who met her fears head on.

10 things you can do to change our food system. Do you know where your food comes from?

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Protein: Why is it Important?

How Important is Protein?

Are you a diet soda drinker?

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